Derrick and Andy are artists in stone work with a gift for creating beautiful, timeless structures from rough sketches and all sorts of stone; random rubble, fieldstone or huge blocks of sandstone. They are highly experienced and versatile, take great care in the planning and preparation and have a vision, sense of scale and proportion that is very reassuring for anyone responsible for a listed building who also wants to add character and charm to their home. They have completed a number of major projects for me since 2012, dry stone walling, mortared walling, creation of an ornate chimney stack from a huge block of stone to match an existing Victorian chimney stack, garden steps, river treads, and a range of stone repairs and restoration to older buildings. Their work is a delight to observe at all stages and I am always amazed at their ability to look at a stone and immediately see its potential. To say that I have been happy with the end result of their work is an understatement – actually I have been over the moon. They are very good at listening to what their clients want, interpreting their ideas, and offering imaginative solutions to complement existing structures or surroundings.

One of the first projects they did for me was a curved boundary wall. The angle and location were awkward for access and the wall had to join existing stone work in a seamless extension of the old. Added complications in this task included having to work on sloping ground with adjacent gate posts, an assortment of electrical cables and a swarm of midges lying in wait. Three previous stonemasons had assessed the job and struggled with the concept but Derrick and Andy seemed to tune in without any effort and they were a pleasure to work with. Nothing was too hard even when I kept adding to the ‘wish’ list. It is a testimony to their professionalism that they worked tirelessly in all conditions to provide not just a wall but a lasting work of art that will give me endless pleasure for years to come. Being of a dry stone construction it not only enhances the surrounding area but provides a habitat for wildlife and a source of enjoyment for passers-by who can appreciate the effort and artistic talent that has gone into creating something so special.

– Barbara Walker