Ratho Mains Farm

Project Profile: Ratho Mains Farm, Listed farm buildings
Location: Scotland



These listed buildings date from 1830s are built from squared blocks of local whin stone. The arches, quoins and window surrounds are all built from sandstone. The building was in great condition but the lime mortar had over the years been weathered away leaving open joints and some loose masonry.
The whole façade was repointed using 3 to 1 lime mortar. An NHL 2 lime was used as this allows greater permeability to the dense masonry. Care was taken to ensure voids were fully tamped and the pointing complemented fine joints of the masonry.
Whilst pointing the arches it was noticed that 180 years old wooden wedges used to pin the arches during construction were still insitu. The whole façade was covered in damp hessian during the works to ensure a good cure for the lime mortar.