Copcrag Stone Fountain

Project Profile: Copcrag Stone Fountain
Location: Scotland

We were commissioned to design and build a large fountain as a central water feature for a private client.
We chose copcrag as the stone to use due to its warm hues which work well with sunlight and water and also its availability in large blocks as the lowest tier began as a 2.4 tonne block. The fountain replaced an earlier pre-cast fountain which had rapidly weathered and was falling apart. This was only 5 years old so it shows that pre-cast is a poor choice for a water feature.
We carved all 9 component parts at our workshop near Ormiston and pre drilled all the holes for the water piping. The fountain was erected on site using a tele-handler and fixed with stainless steel dowels. The fountain sat in a tanked pond which we clad with culallo sandstone with a drystone look and capped with a large rounded coping.